QUICK! What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when I say ‘day after Thanksgiving?’ If you said Black Friday, you’re absolutely wrong.

Hear me out, please, before you say his mind has turned to sweet potato souffle.

I realize it’s good for business and many stores survive these days on what happens during the holiday shopping season beginning the day after Thanksgiving. And some places don’t even wait till the day AFTER Thanksgiving. They crank it up before the turkey and dressing gets cold.

But Black Friday – four o’clock on a cold and dark late November morning? If they can sell that theater-size flat screen television for 99-dollars from four to six am, why couldn’t they do the same from, say, three to five PM?

At least if people are going to run over small children and turn over shopping carts carrying babies, maybe the ambulances could get there a little better in the daylight.

Come to think of it, maybe Black Friday gets its name from the color of the bruises people suffer trying to get to something they don’t need on the day after they were thankful for all they have.

 I submit to you, dear readers, a better name for the day after Thanksgiving, the day before Thanksgiving, and all the OTHER 363 days of the year – are you ready for it? THANKS-LIVING!  And the icing on the pumpkin cake – you don’t have to stand in line on a cold dark morning… WHOSOEVER will may come –  any time, any day, anywhere. Remember, it’s not happy people who are thankful; it’s thankful people who are happy. And this ol’ country boy is happy and thankful that he’s not standing in line.