It’s here folks. You can already see it and feel it. Just walk into that big box store and you’ll see it, too. That is, if you make it inside the store. First, you have to avoid the run away shopping carts that play bumper cars with your front door.

Then you try to find a good parking space in the ten acre parking lot. And hold the hands of your small children as you approach the traffic jam around the three or four handicapped spaces.

But you run the obstacle course and make it to the front of the store. There you see people going in through the Exit door. And coming out through the Enter door. Why do they have those doors marked, anyway? Nobody pays attention.

By now your nerves are shot, your hair’s a mess, and you’re sweating like it’s the fourth of July. One more thing to frazzle your last nerve – no shopping carts. And the youngster whose job it is to bring in the strays with that automatic round up machine is taking a smoke break. Your stress meter is off the chart.

Hold on. Here comes the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. There it is…just sitting there as you pull out your shopping list. An innocent-looking little sign. A friendly reminder from store management that you only have 25 days until Christmas.

Now you’re in full panic mode. What if they run out of the latest craze in those digital doom-a-flatchies with twin electronic controls that Junior is screaming for in your good ear.

One innocent looking little sign silently screaming its message to your brain. Advertising to create urgency. Buy NOW and avoid the last minute rush!

Walking away, this thought occurs. I wonder what it would take to create the same urgency to find the greatest Gift the world has ever known. And it’s not up there on the top shelf where you can’t reach it unless you’re 6-foot-5. It’s wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.

The best part? It’s absolutely FREE! There was a cost but it’s already been paid in full.

Do you really have 25 days left till Christmas? Not even the angels in Heaven know the answer to that question. So why not go ahead and make that the first thing to mark off your list. I promise you – the rest of your shopping will be stress free.