Some internet messages are easily recognizable as pure scams. And without being judgmental, can I just say the scumbags that send them. But this one seemed for real. After all, it was from my son. I know he would not be involved in a shady internet scam. He had a real need. He was trying to help a buddy. I was so proud of him.

“One of the guys I work with,” he said, “wants to surprise his wife by making Thanksgiving dinner for her.” Such a noble young man! He explained further, “I’m trying to help but we’re clueless.” “Sure, son, what can I do to help,” I quickly typed on the world wide web.

His reply was immediate. “How many minutes does it take to microwave a 25-lb turkey?” With flying fingers,  I logged on to that source of world wide information that has answers to any question you could ever ask. Rule of thumb, said Mr. Google, 10 minutes per pound, but only for a 10-12 pound bird. And then you’d need a microwave-safe bag, spices, basting brush, meat thermometer, etc., etc., etc. And even with all that, microwave is not the recommended way of cooking a turkey. And besides, if that bird isn’t completely thawed, your kitchen will orbit the earth like the Hubble telescope. 

Dad’s recommendation to his very helpful and thoughtful son – get a deep fryer and a gallon of peanut oil. “But Dad,” came his impassioned reply, “he needs it fast because his wife will be home in about an hour!”

Recommendation #2: Go to the jewelry store right now, buy her some bling-bling, and take her out to her favorite expensive restaurant. And pray they have turkey and dressing and all the trimmings on the menu. Trust me, he’ll come out way ahead financially when compared to the possible costs of a new kitchen and other related medical bills.

With his “Thanks, Dad,” I was confident that I had done my fatherly duty. Only days later did I learn that he and all his other buddies at work were ROFL. I think that’s for rolling on the floor laughing! How horrible! Just another scam. Upwardly mobile young adults playing tricks on their unsuspecting and loving old senior citizen parents! Oh, did I mention – our newly revised last will and testament should be ready in a few days. 

And speaking of prayer – sometimes I think we put our prayers in the microwave and expect God to answer them in a minute and thirty seconds. Remember OLD Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth in the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke? When the angel Gabriel told him that his wife was going to have a baby he was dumbfounded. How can this be, he said? We’ve prayed and prayed and prayed for many years when we COULD have had a baby. But now we’re old and CAN’T have one. But our prayers were never answered, so we just gave up and quit praying.

Can’t you just hear Gabriel saying, “God has heard your prayers and He just wants to be sure y’all can handle a BIG BLESSING.” In His timing, everything is right. But sometimes it takes a little longer for Him to check out our maturity in the faith. In other words, we may be like that 25-pound turkey. It’s just not microwave safe; it’ll take a bit longer time to see if we’re ‘done.’ And God can’t be rushed.

Prayers always work, sometimes pray-ers don’t.