Woodshed Wisdom

By Freeman Martin

 Have you ever heard or read something that triggered a memory of something, someone, or a time long forgotten? Before you think I’ve run off the road and into a mental ditch, read on.

 I’m having a hard time being pushed into the world of technology. For instance, I just can’t get accustomed to the abbreviations that folks use these days in emails and texting, but I just had to LOL the other day at something I read at the end of an electronic message. Here’s what it said – “This email sent from my blackberry.” In the flash of a nano-second, I landed smack-dab in the middle of a briar patch back home at Route 4.

 Just reading the word – blackberry – I can close my eyes and get lost in the aroma of Mother’s blackberry cobbler coming out of the red-hot oven of that old wood-burning stove. Her mouth-watering masterpiece was covered with lattice-work strips of her homemade dough and sprinkled with sugar and cooked to a golden brown perfection! It just doesn’t get any better.

 Blackberries – the word sure has a different meaning in today’s high tech world. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the convenience of all the mechanical toys and gadgets that promise to make our lives  easier. But is it just me or have you also noticed that the technology has just increased the pace of today’s world? Cell phones, blackberries if you will, GPS navigation, the internet all are wonderful inventions for which I’m thankful. But sometimes I confess that I use them to try to crowd more minutes and chores into a busy 24-hour day. I overheard someone on their cell phone the other day saying that they were so tired they could hardly walk. Well, hang up that cell phone and get some rest!

 I realize that I’m from a land and a time long ago and far away, technically speaking, but I believe that Jesus got tired at times in His earthly ministry and needed to rest. And if rest is good enough for Him, it certainly is good enough for me! He knows that our frail human minds and bodies need rest and if we don’t get it, the ‘wheels will eventually come off the truck!’

 In fact, He gives us the prescription for good old-fashioned rest that brings healing to the body, mind, and soul. In Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV), He invites all of us tired, worn-out, and weary warriors to find rest in Him. And it’s rest that only He can give because He takes away our heavy load (yoke) and replaces it with One that is easy and light. In His gentleness and humbleness, we can find rest for our souls.

 Are you tired and worn-out today? Put down the BlackBerry for 15 minutes, close your eyes, think about that blackberry cobbler, and find rest in the Master.