Because of health problems, many people in the world today are on a low-sodium, no-salt diet. On doctors’ orders, they must be very careful about how much sodium is in the food they eat. For health reasons, My wife, Helen, is one of those people that always check the ingredient label to see how many grams of sodium are in their food.

But there are some foods that just don’t taste right without salt. Have you ever tried to eat unsalted French fries? Some even like to put salt on their watermelon, although that’s not one of my personal favorites! Salt adds flavor and seasoning. That’s the purpose of salt. Before refrigeration became common, salt was also used as a preservative. That woodshed, back on the farm that was the scene of all those boyhood lessons, was built on the side of our smokehouse where hams were salted down and acquired that unforgettable flavor.

But how about our life as a Christian? Are we on a low-sodium Christian diet? Dr. Jesus has given us instructions to be ‘the salt of the earth.’ (Matthew 5:13, NIV). What does a salty Christian’s life look like? It adds flavor, even zest, to the lives of those it touches.
RAK’s (random acts of kindness) like little hand-written notes of encouragement, an up-lifting phone call, a smile, a meal, or maybe just being optimistic (so important in the world we live in today!), are just a few examples of ‘sprinkling salt on someone’s life.’

And, although she’s on a low-sodium diet for her health and constantly battling health problems,  Helen ‘grabs the salt shaker’ every day and shakes it all over the lives of people around her! It’s called making a difference. And that salt that we shake on others should make them thirsty. That is to say, after we’ve sprinkled them, they should have an intense desire for the Water of Life. Do others want to have the ‘salt’ that seasons and flavors our lives?

I remember those big boxes of Morton salt that Mother always kept in her pantry back home at Route 4. And the slogan we all remember today was ‘when it rains, it pours.’ Meaning that when the Morton salt starts coming out of the box, it pours all over the place! Could the world be a better place today if we just ‘let it rain’ all over the people we know and love?