Dear Woodshed Wisdom Prayer Warriors,

The Prayer Request click on the woodshed website is being used in so many ways to lift up family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Every time you post a request, Christians all over the nation are bathing those needs in intercessory prayer. I believe that’s something we can all do for one another in response to the command of Jesus Christ to ‘bear one another’s burdens.’

Following the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I would like to ask you for a specific prayer request for the ‘shed.’ Hardly a week has gone by in the last two years that someone hasn’t asked us to publish a book. And every single day since the first woodshed was posted, we have prayed for God to use it in a mighty way to bring honor and glory to Himself. To that end, we’ve been asking the Lord to lead us to a Christian publishing company.

We believe that company is Xulon Press. And we believe that God has led us to this company for the specific reason of publishing the first volume of Woodshed Wisdom. It is no coincidence that Xulon Press is the sponsor of the 2011 Christian Choice Writing Contest.

And to further see the Hand of God in this process, consider that the Grand Prize in the contest is a FREE Xulon Press Elite Publishing Package valued at $7,754.00. Therefore, under the prayerful leadership of the Holy Spirit, we have entered three woodshed wisdom stories in the 2011 Christian Choice Writing Contest. After the contest closes Tues, March 15th, at 5:00pm, the winner will be announced at 9:00am on Wed., March 16th.

We believe this company and this contest are answers to our prayers. However, I hasten to add that only if it is in God’s will. Should this not be something that will bring praise and honor to Him, we will keep on praying for Him to reveal His will to us. And we are convinced that’s what He will do, and we’re completely at peace with it being in His hands.

The purpose of this request is to humbly ask you and everyone you know simply to bathe the 2011 Christian Choice Writing Contest in fervent prayer for God’s will to be done. If it is His will, we know He’ll work in the hearts of the contest judges to choose a winner that best glorifies His name. Beyond that, we cannot and should not ask for more.

And when you’re finished reading this, please go to the ‘Woodshed Prayer Closet’ (click on Comments), and pray for every request you see there. In particular, there are a couple of people who need a special touch from the Savior.

Our friends, Jimmy Moore and his wife, Robin, are at the M. D. Anderson Hospital, in Houston, for two months of extensive treatment following brain surgery. Also, 12-year-old Tessa O’Bryant, a fifth grader at Townville Elementary School, has been diagnosed with a tumor on the bone in her knee, and is scheduled for extensive chemotherapy.

Prayer changes lives. God Bless You! We love you in His Name!

Freeman & Helen Martin