Writer’s Note:
Originally posted on Mother’s Day, 2010, this is dedicated to the honor and memory of my mother, Mrs. Iva Belle Martin and Helen’s mother, Mrs. Marie Carter. It’s a double celebration weekend for Helen’s Mom. Not only is it Mother’s Day (how I miss those warm pound cakes just out of the oven!), but it’s also the first time in 19 years that Helen’s Mom and Dad are celebrating their wedding anniversary together today. They were re-united yesterday when Helen’s Dad, Gus Carter, threw off the shackles of this earthly life and re-joined his wife of 72 years.
This Mother’s Day card is also dedicated to the honor and memory of godly mothers everywhere, those mortal lighthouses that God put in all our paths with their beacon lights shining bright to show us the way home.
Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6).

Woodshed Wisdom
By Freeman Martin

You never learned to drive a car, but you were so proud when we did. You never took a trip on an airplane to far away places. You never went online and surfed the world wide web, but you taught us that we could go anywhere and do anything we wanted to do.
You never went over fifty miles from home; in fact, the only times you were not at home were when you went to the grocery store, or took us to church.

You never had a microwave oven, but you bore, reared, and raised nine children on cornbread and cathead biscuits cooked in a wood-burning stove. You made sure that we never went hungry, but you taught us to always be hungry to learn.

You spent almost seven years of your life being pregnant, but not once did we ever hear you complain. Your health care plan covered one hundred percent of our aches and pains, splinters and scratches, stumped toes and skinned knees. Without a co-pay or an HMO.

You picked cotton and tobacco; you hoed the beans and corn and maters; and you taught us that hard work hardly ever killed anybody.

You never had to remember your user name or password, but you taught us that a good name was a treasure. You never knew about sending a text, but when you had something to say, we got the message loud and clear.

You were never gave a presentation in front of an audience, but the front porch was your stage where we heard the greatest Message the world has ever known as you rocked us to sleep singing Amazing Grace and Jesus Loves Me.

You never tweeted or had your face put in a book; with your life, you just taught the Good Book and why it’s important to have our name in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 21:27).

You’ve moved from the dirt road to the streets of gold, so I imagine you’ll just spend the day worshipping and praising the Lord. And visiting all your brothers and sisters like we used to do down here at the family reunions. And while you’re visiting, please say hello to Marie, Helen’s Mom, and tell her we both said Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day in Heaven, and although you didn’t have to get a bunch of country boys and girls up and ready for church, I‘m pretty sure that George, Oliver, and Eddie are giving you Mother’s Day hugs in person today.

The rest of your boys and girls send their love today in this knee-mail!